Early Skunk


Early Skunk

Early Skunk. This slight Indica dominant is the product of merging Early Pearl and Skunk #1 and results in an easy to grow strain with high yields.

This Cannabis Cup award winner is a beauty for daytime use, as it inspires a lazy, outgoing and creative high that is perfect for social situations when you don’t have to be productive.




Early Skunk. Bred by Sensi Seeds, the Cannabis Cup winner Early Skunk is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Skunk #1 and Early Pearl.

This easy-to-grow strain is favored for its short flowering period, resistance to mold, and heavy yields, making it ideal for novice and outdoor growers. Expect abundant harvests of large buds that deliver long-lasting effects and a pungent aroma.

Early Skunk

Early Skunk is a hybrid strain comprised of 35 percent sativa genetics and 65 percent indica genetics. The strain was created by crossbreeding the parent strains Skunk #1 and Early Pearl.

Early Skunk Strain

This combination resulted in a strain that pleases everybody who grows it with immense yields of high grade flowers. These desirable properties were put to the test and proven in 2006 when Early Skunk was awarded as a Cannabis Cup Winner, forever deserving the attention and time of growers.

This beast of a strain offers a hard hitting high that is a mix between a cerebral buzz and a body lock. The high creates a happy energy side by side with a more relaxed and chilled out sensation.

This strain is well known for its potential medical properties which may offer assistance with stress and eye pressure.

Early Skunk will not disappoint cannabis connoisseurs who look to identify all elements of a cannabis plant that make it worth their time. As well as offering a desirable high, the strain gives of some amazing tastes that are in the realm of skunky and flowery sensations.

Early Skunk is a hardy plant and displays impressive resistance to mould and has an overall short grow cycle, these features make it attractive to beginners growers to increase the chances of a successful yield.

Early Skunk Sensi Seeds

This strong strain can handle cold outdoor temperatures, and when let loose to grown it a garden it can reach some pretty impressive heights.

This explosive growth is especially apparent during the flowering phase of the grow cycle of Early Skunk. Flowering takes place over a period of 55 to 65 days.

When this period draws to a close, growers will be rewarded with towers or trichome encrusted flowers. The massive pillars of plant matter produced by E Skunk Strain is extremely exciting for beginners growers, and is definitely worth the extra trimming required.

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