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girls scout cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies offers great relief from nausea and pain while providing appetite stimulating effects which makes it great for those who are undergoing Chemotherapy treatment for cancer.



[girls scout cookies]

girls scout cookies. This strain is also known as GSC is an award winning strain from California. This hybrid offers a cerebral effect unlike any other strain on the market which led to its popularity spreading around the globe.

Girl Scout Cookies offers great relief from nausea and pain while providing appetite stimulating effects which makes it great for those who are undergoing Chemotherapy treatment for cancer.


girls scout cookies

girl scout cookies strain

With GSC being the result of crossing Durban Poison and OG Kush genetics it offers a very balanced body buzz accompanied by a mind blowing head euphoria.

The popularity of this strain along with its incredible effects has led to many different GSC phenotypes arising in the cannabis scene over the past few years, such as Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint.

Parents: Durban Poison, OG Kush
Similar to: Red Dragon, Space Queen, Premium Jack
Flavors: Sweet, Pungent, Earthy
Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Creative, Euphoric
Medical: Loss of Appetite, Pain, Insomnia, Depression, Stress, Anxiety
Potency: 17-28% THC

is girls scout cookies a good strain?

Getting your hands on Girl Scout cookies is now even easier thanks to weedleafshop.

Yes, you heard that right! Rather than trying to track down the parent of a Girl Scout or roaming around your community centers looking for those ubiquitous tables, you can now buy boxes upon boxes of the tasty cookies from the comfort of your own home, according to Hello Giggles.

It’s all thanks to the Digital Cookie platform. Launched in 2015, this program offers young girls the chance to develop e-commerce and digital marketing experience, so that they can grow up to be world-conquering moguls, all while providing customers with ease and convenience, 2021 girls scout cookies.

girls scout cookies 2021

This unique opportunity allows girls to customize their own sale website and send out personalized links to customers so that they can track their success, Bustle reports.

Order as much as you’d like and then select whether you’d like to have your order shipped to your door or delivered by a Girl Scout.

It should be noted that online ordering through the Digital Cookie platform is only available if you have a link from a Girl Scout or her parentbuy girls scout cookies online.

Even if you don’t know a scout in your area you can still use the online Find Cookies! tool or the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to see when and where local troops will be selling.

girl scout cookies weed

With a remarkably high THC content, Girl Scout Cookies launches users into a profound euphoria. Full-body relaxation meets time-bending cerebral space! Expect to be relaxed, happy, and creative.

Known for its potency and smoke-ability, the high from Girl Scout Cookies can last all day. Though Girl Scout Cookies is highly resistant to molds and pesticides, it is not recommended for amateur growers.

With parent strains OG Kush CBD, a dank Indica dominant medicine, and Harlequin Fem, a disease-resistant Sativa Dominant strain— Harlequin CBD 1:18 is a highly therapeutic balanced hybrid that can relieve symptoms of stress, pain, and anxiety,buy girls scout cookies online.

The dominant terpene is Ocimene which offers a sweet mango bouquet as well as antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, decongestant, and antibacterial properties.

Harlequin CBD is an excellent strain for those curious about high CBD flowers that include a bit of Sativa influence,buy girls scout cookies online.

The fixed 1:18 ratio often provides approximately 1% THC and 18% CBD, however the percentages are flexible, i.e., some cannabinoid lab results may come back with 0.5:9 or 1.15:20.7 within that fixed ratio.

The percentage flexibility means that growers looking for a guaranteed 1% THC may want to be careful as the percentages can rise and fall within each seed,buy girls scout cookies online.

new girls scout cookie!

Growing Harlequin CBD 1:18 is simplified with the disease-resistant genetics from Harlequin Fem whose sweet mango flavored terpenes also live in the protective trichome layer covering each highly resinous floral cluster. Once seedlings are in the ground or in their pots, a weighty 400-gram harvest occurs just 70 days later.

Enjoy a season of high-functioning pain and anxiety relief with Harlequin CBD 1:18!

Parents of Girl Scout Cookies
Durban Poison
OG kush

Medicinal Application
Often prescribed for insomnia, Girl Scout Cookies also relieves chronic aches and pains. Its mood-elevating properties help treat stress, anxiety, depression, and even symptoms of PTSD. Girl Scout Cookies is prescribed for Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, nausea, poor appetite, and mild inflammation, buy girl scout cookies online.

Smooth, with a hint of cotton candy and mint.

Earthy and pungent, Girl Scout Cookies is spicy, with peppery notes of brown sugar and nutmeg.

Side-effects may include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, anxiety and mild paranoia.

CBD Range (grown under optimum conditions)

THC Range (grown under optimum conditions)

Physical Characteristics
Girl Scout Cookies is simply put, stunning. Shades of light green highlighted by purple leaves and brilliant orange hairs puts this plant in a category of its own,buy girl scout cookies online.

Growing Tips
Girl Scout Cookies thrives in a “sea of green” or hydroponic set-up.

Flowering Time: 9 – 10 weeks
Yield: 2 oz/plant

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