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Green Crack is a moderate to high-potency strain from Local Product of Colorado Recreational. With 18 to 28% THC and less than 7 to 11% CBD, this strain is appropriate for intermediate or experienced consumers, depending on the batch. There is more than enough THC to cause intoxication. Remember that it is illegal to drive after consuming cannabis. Users report a citrusy, sweet, “earthy” flavour.


Green Crack is arguably one of the most uplifting strains available. Users report an extreme sense of euphoria, followed by powerful bursts of energy, focus, creativity and motivation. At the same time, it is known to improve appetite.

Green Crack is the perfect “wake and bake” strain. Its uplifting effects get people going in the morning or give them a much needed boost when they feel their productivity and thinking are sluggish.

Green Crack’s effects make it best used during the day.


No terpene profile is available for this product.

Additional Ingredients:

• Organically grown
• Tested for purity and contaminants
• No synthetic pesticides
• Non-GMO
• Environmentally sustainable production

Side effects of product:

• Dry mouth
• Dry eyes
• Anxiety
• Paranoia (uncommon)
• Dizziness (uncommon)

Product History:

Green Crack is a pure sativa whose original breeder and full lineage are unknown. We do know that its parentage comes from Skunk #1, but the second strain involved in its creation remains a mystery.


Located in Denver, CO, Local Product of Colorado Recreational has been serving downtown Denver since the early days of legalization.

Offering a long line of strains for both recreational and medical users, the dispensary gives priority to medical patients, offering direct customer care via phone or e-mail.

Local Product of Colorado Recreational also offers a huge line of edibles, concentrates, vape pens, topicals, tinctures and more.

As an added bonus, the business offers daily deals based on the day of the week, in addition to discounts for veterans, students and individuals over the age of 55.

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1/4 pound $520, 1/2 pound $810, 1 pound $1700


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