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Tangie Power a moderate to high-potency strain from the Colorado-based Euflora recreational dispensary. With 15 to 21% THC and less than 1% CBD, this product is suitable for intermediate or advanced consumers, depending on the batch. There is more than enough THC to cause intoxication. Remember that it is illegal to drive under the influence of cannabis. Users report a citrusy, orange, “earthy” flavour.


As its name implies, Tangie Power is known as a very uplifting strain. The initial euphoria kickstarts the senses with powerful mood-enhancement. This is shortly followed by bursts of energy, focus and creativity. As the high wears off, users commonly report easing into a relaxed state that is a perfect way to end an otherwise energetic experience.

Tangie Power is an excellent pick-me-up when individuals feel fatigued or need to get work done. The ultimately relaxing (but not excessively sedating) effects make it useful for lounging around.

Tangie Power appropriate for daytime and evening use.


No terpene profile is available for this product.

Additional Ingredients:

Due to the multiple strains from several different sources, it is uncertain as to what additional ingredients may be present, or if the products are organic.

However, the legal cannabis industry in Colorado is bound by strict safety regulations to ensure that all cannabis is safe for consumption and free of harmful contaminants.

Side effects of product:

• Dry eyes (extremely common)
• Headache
• Anxiety
• Dry mouth (uncommon)
• Dizziness (rare)

Product History:

Created by Sin City Seeds, Tangie Power is also known as “Tangerine Power”. It is a 70/30 sativa-dominant cross between Agent Orange and Blue Power.


Established in 2014, Euflora has been in business since the dawn of legalization in Colorado. In Denver on April 2nd of that year, the opened their very first store. By October, they were recreational marijuana dispensary in Aurora.

Today, Euflora operates a total of six locations throughout the state – two in Denver, two in Aurora, one in Longmont and a final one in Aspen.

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